Matt lhore Reborn Kanima Master
— Mentions: "Take what's mine, I'll take it back."

Matt Ihore formally known as Matt Daehler, was a former student of Beacon Hills high school and enemy to Scott McCall and his allies. The second to last Kanima Master, Matt terrorized Beacon Hills seeking revenge until he was killed by Gerald Argent. Having half transformed into a kanima himself due to the abuse of power before he died, Matt's body was preserved and eventually revived by Joshua into a faux Jasha.

Why Joshua has done this is unknown, and what Matt intends to do as a reborn Jasha is a mystery as well. However, given Joshua's already ominous motives, and Matt's still unstable mental state, others safely assume is will only lead to disaster for Scott and his pack.

Matt was given the new surname Ihore after he was revived.