Medea Sister of Birds
— Mentions: "A goddess with wings."

Medea, also known as The Medea is an old and powerful Ziz who was sealed deep beneath the Nemeton 60 years before the start of the series.

Once a famous figure of the supernatural world, Medea lent her name and likeness to artists and storytellers, and enchanted kings and heroes into success and ruin on her whims. She flew across the world a hundred times over in a thousand years before sensing a great disturbance with the Nemetons awakening.

At the behest of the Faiel Prince, Renato, Medea and various other powerful creatures came together to cut down the Nemeton before it's power grew out of control and disrupted the natural order. However, during the fight she was imprisoned by the tee and sealed within it's roots.

Festering, trapped, and losing her mind, Medea eventually went mad in her imprisonment and escaped only after the Nemeton lost too much of it's power to contain her. Now free, Medea seeks to destroy the tree for good in any way possible. Cutting down humans, supernatural creatures, and even her fellow Royal Breed's to be free from the Nemeton forever.

To that end, Madea revived one of the dangerous Orphans, Violet Redfox, and transforms her into a Ziz, mirroring the actions of Renato who revived Violets former partner, Garrett.