Michael Rowan
Family Dorian Rowan (father, deceased)
Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Unnamed Cousin
Unnamed Siblings
Occupation Traveller
SpeciesTrue Alpha Werewolf
Played byRobbie Amell

Michael Rowan was the son of Dorian Rowan and the favoured son to be the head of the Rowan family, as a True Alpha he became an Alpha before his father died and the spark passed to him and when his own Pack was killed by Kate Argent, he passed his father's spark as Alpha over to his Cousin and left his family home forever.


Pre-Teen Wolf

Michael Rowan was the son of Dorian Rowan, the head of the Rowan Pack and his successor, he became the head of the Rowan Pack refounding it with friends and loved ones after Gerard Argent massacred the original back and Dorian. Michael became a True Alpha before inheriting the Spark of Alpha from his father however, those closest to him were then killed years later by Kate Argent, and he passed his father's Alpha spark onto his cousin before leaving home forever.

Teen Wolf


  • Michael is a Hebrew and Gaelic name meaning "Like God", or alternately, "Who is like God".