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Symbol Ostravos Clan Mikhail Ostravos
Michael Ostravos
Born 1988
Died November 2017
Status Deceased
Species Human (Hunter)
Gender Male
Family membersAlexei Ostravos (Father)
• Unnamed mother
Grigori Ostravos (Brother)
Natasha Ostravos (Sister)
Cause of death Wounds from a werewolf
Killed by Austin Rush
Played by Jared Padalecki
Appearances Bloodlust (mentioned)

The youngest Ostravos sibling, Mikhail "Michael" Ostravos was a driven yet arrogant and inexperienced hunter, two qualities which ultimately got the best of him. Michael died at the hands of a werewolf in Seattle, WA, the killer's identity the mystery of Bloodlust.



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