Morgan Blackthorn, known thousand of years ago simply as Morrigan, was a powerful Immortal Sorceress. She was born a Druid, a close friend of Titanis and Ladon, and became a Darach when she sought power and secrets that were being denied to her.

She was therefore a founding member, and a leader of the Cabal.


  • In Shakespearean the meaning of the name Morgan is: Cymbeline. The disguised identity of Belarius, a banished lord. The name Morgan is a Welsh baby name. In Welsh the meaning of the name Morgan is: Bright sea.
  • Blackthorn is a fruited shrub that is traditionally used in Northern Europe and Britain in making a hedge against cattle or a "cattle-proof" hedge. Blackthorn makes an excellent fire wood that burns slowly with a good heat and little smoke.
  • Morrigan is a name derived from Irish Mór Ríoghain meaning "great queen". In Irish myth she was a goddess of war and death who often took the form of a crow.

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