Naga are a race of snake shifters that can trace their roots back to India.


Naga are one of the few purely biological shifters; they are born and do not create more Naga's through bites. Rarely the Naga gene will skip a generation and the child will be born human. In such cases Naga families wait until the child is 18 to explain their family heritage.

Once a few generations the Naga gene may not present straight away leading to the child being mistaken for human. In such cases the child will experience their first shift at the age of 13 or 14 during a time of stress.


Naga venom is a highly prized supernatural commodity for a multitude of reasons. Female Naga venom can be used to treat different toxins in the right quantity. Injecting the venom will purge the toxins from the victim in a matter of seconds.

Male Naga venom is a powerful, deadly poison that can bring down just about any supernatural creature in a matter of seconds.

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