Natalia Kills Desert Wolf
— Mentions: "Let me out so I can breathe"

Natalia Kills, also infamously known as the current Desert Wolf, is a powerful werewolf and mother of Malia Tate, as well as the mysterious killer of Derek Hales father.

Once a mercenary wolf, she sold her talents to the highest bidder and was/is known far and wide for her vicious tactics and usual strength. She has only been noticeably encountered once when she came to Beacon Hills some 18 years ago. She was then hired to kill the Desert Wolf of that era, Derek Hale's father and the brother-in-law of Peter V. Hale. Despite being massively outclasses by the then Desert Wolf, she successfully managed to subdue and eventually kill him, due in large part to the young Peter Hale, who had no love for his brother-in-law.

After, out of gratitude or curiosity, she entered into a brief affair with Peter, which resulted in her pregnancy and subsequent birth of Malia. After giving up the child, no one has meaningfully encountered the woman in years, but her furious handiwork can still be frequently seen throughout the American Southwest.