Symbol Argent Clan Neil Argent
Neil Argent
Born 1993
Status Living
Occupation Veteran (Discharged Marine Corps Lieutenant)
Species Human (Hunter)
Gender Male
Family membersGerard Argent (Grandfather)
• Helena Argent (Grandmother)
Clarence Argent (Father)
Louise Argent (Mother)
Christopher Argent (Uncle)
Victoria Argent (Aunt by marriage)
Katherine Argent (Aunt)
Courtney Argent (Uncle)
Allison Argent (Cousin)
Played by Shawn Roberts
Appearances Bloodlust

A one-term retired marine lieutenant, Neil Argent gained a great amount of combat experience and has since been utilizing it to hunt down his family's enemies, focusing much of his attention on those types that took Kate, Victoria, and supposedly Gerard Argent from him. Neil, unlike his cousin, is very robotic and cold, making him a highly proficient killer and even more dangerous when peaceful resolutions are sought.



Hymn For The CursedEdit


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