Season OneEdit


Briar, is seen driving into school,, and everyone around says hello. She walks the halls proudly, the scene changes her in bed screaming. The scene changes to a man being strangled by something around his neck. Four Oni, surrond Corey. The scene changes, and a shadow of a Alpha Werewolf is shown. And the sound of ambulance plays in the background, while Raven in a office has an evil smile on her face.

The Boy Who Cried WolfEdit

Briar and Corey are driving in the car, and get in a car accident. The driver inside the other car, his eyes glow red and a sadistic smile plays on his lips. The scene changes and shows a waitress, then the screen flashes and shows the same waitress but she appears to be dead and rotten. The scene changes, and it shows Briar at her house, and the electricity goes out. The screen goes black, and Briar screams.


Corey and Dallas get into a fight, and Lydia Martin appears talking to Briar. A jingling sound plays, as Briar walks through the woods with no shoes. The sound gets louder and louder, until it starts ringing. Corey is seen laying on the floor, in an abandonded house, and a clone of him, which appears to be darker, is seen smiling playfully and smug, and puts his fingers on his head and starts muttering in Japanese, the screen goes black and we see Corey's eyes go white.

Slippery SlopeEdit


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