True Alpha Werewolf



Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Red(In wolf form)

Skin Color:


Notable Kills:


Love Interest:

Lydia Martin

" I'm a True Alpha not Scott Mccall " -Nick to Derek

Nick is a True Alpha and a member of a unknown pack, He is the son of Brad Bryant and a unnamed mother.  He was born in New York but moved to Beacon Hills to run away from the impending dangers.


Nick " Stephan " Simmon was born to Brad Bryant and a unnamed mother in New York, Nick lived a normal life going to school participating in usual activities such as football, basketball, soccer etc. Nick would run into trouble after meeting a Omega Werewolf who was on the run from his Alpha, Nick ended up befriending the Omega and the Alpha believing that the Omega was building a pack targeted Nick who shot him with a pump shot gun killing him, The Omega was found the dead the next morning murdered by the Alpha a little while before his death. Nick moved to Beacon Hills where he receieved the bite from Kali but ran away due to nights of stress and pain, he was aware of the full moon and chained himself up until he could control himself. Nick lived life there for awhile and than over the years developed into a True Alpha a rare werewolf more powerful the a regular Alpha. He was recruited into a unnamed pack.


As a human, Nick can be described as having a "tall, gangly build", with a youthful face and a "huge, happy grin" with brown eyes and around 6 feet tall. His skin is russet colored and his hair is black, cropped and tight around his head. Nick wears typical clothing. Not to shabby though.


He is forceful and independent when he wants to do something important and a cocky kid since the bite starting by being one of the worst players to the top player, a huge boast to his ego which took a large leap since getting the bite, Nick does show some cunning and ruthlessness at times.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a True Alpha his abilities are stronger than a regular Alpha's able to take on two with more speed and strength than either of them.

  • Enhanced Strength: He is much stronger than humans.
  • Enhanced Speed: He is much faster than humans.
  • Enhanced Agility: He can jump, run, climb and react faster than humans.
  • Accelerated Healing: He can heal quickly from most injuries.
  • Heightened Senses: He can smell, see and hear far better than humans.
  • Pain Transference: He can absorb and alleviate pain from other people/creatures.
  • Memory Transference: He can transfer memories by inserting claws into navel of an individual's neck.
  • Resurrection: As long as his body in intact and with the blood of an Alpha he can be brought back on the Worm Moon.

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