Nico Sanchez

Luna Sanchez (sister)

Raphael Sanchez (father)

Gloria Sanchez (mother)

Dallas Carter's Pack (Beta Werewolf)

Beacon Hills High (student)
SpeciesBeta Werewolf
StatusAlive; 18

Nico is a alpha and luna's brother and also boyfriend of briar he also play for the becan lacrosse team and he is captain of team after he is almost kill by zobek briar and him become an item later he become the alpha of the crimson pack to get revenge on the previous pack that betray him afterward he and briar married and have children who are one day to fight alongside jacob and rose children in time they will together rise an army that consider of crossover pairs nico vs Cory in uprising in becan hills While scott was looking for allison the same time as the Alpha of the Original Werewolf is extremely lethal to the core of the patriarchs and only one who has been the most of the midnight packs nico save Savanna and allison from the original line of Werewolves allison in the end is a wrath and married to stefan after the voturi problem and is were pair nico is the best saver of Briar being her husband and father of their children