Nico Walters was an Alpha werwolf who was the leaderof his Pack. He was the oldest of the pack and was very mellow but serious man. He was hurt by a rival Alpha and ordered Lynne to take the final blow so she would become Alpha.

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Nico Walters
Alias: grand ruler, emo boy
age: 19
Species: Alpha Werewolf
eyes grey(normally) red(wolf)
hair dark
Powers: normal alpha werewolf powers
Status: deceased


Affiliation: his pack
Location: Beacon hills

Early history

Not much is known since he did not tell his pack much but they do know alittle.He was transformed by an Alpha and he eventually killed the Alpha who he believed was the one that changed him but he wasn't. He eventually met the people of his pack and formed it. Since he was not in schoo he often got info from his pack about Derek's pack and what they were doing. He like Derek , was involved in the school a litte more than he liked to be.


In a fight against a rival ppack he was seriously injured. So he ordered Lynne to kill him and she did. 


He was usually shown to be a calm but serious person similar to Derek but more selfish and takitive. He was vicious as well wanting to kill Lynne on the spot when they first met her but was easily convinced by Lindsey that they needed her. They often clashed and butted heads but in the end it was Nico's final descision.


"He was tall with dark hair and a little bit of stuble, his eyes were sharp and daring. He seemed to be in charge in their little group just by the way he walked and the way they looked at him. "

Nico wasdescribed to have long dark hair with grey eyes and a bit of stuble on his chin.He also descibed to be pale and tall, which made some people believehe was Lynne's brother.