Nicole Whittemore Seamstress extraordinaire, Whittemore Mother
— Mentions: "Go on, Honey. I'll be sure to meet you when you get home..."

Nicole Whittemore is the adoptive mother of Jackson Whittemore and wife of Mr. Whittemore. An elegant and prominent designer, who's income is the primary source for the family's wealth, Nicole handles her family and volatile son with grace and sophistication. Once the good friend of the Millers, Jacksons birth parents, Nicole and her husband swore to look after Jackson after his parents were killed, and have long since known about the mysterious happenings in Beacon Hills.

Sometime after Mr. Whittemore sent Jackson to London for his own safety, Nicole visited Jackson and delivered a letter to him from his birth parents, and consequently sent him off on the journey to Fimbulvinter Mountain and by extension, Glamor itself.