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Nuin Hymn For The Cursed Myth
Appearances: Claws and Chaos, Cross Country, Bloodlust, World War Z

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"Nuin" in Gaelic means "Ash."

Within the Mythology of Hymn For The Cursed, Nuinn are the ancient ancestors of the Witches and Warlocks of the Covenant.

It is unknown how many Nuinn existed outside the ancestral lines of the Covenant.


According to the Roman document provided by Patrick Scanlan, the Nuinn were once Druids.

These five druids were exacerbated by the Roman invaders of Britannia and turned against their gods by making five sacrifices to an Ash Nemeton in exchange for Power beyond the telluric world to fight back the incursion.

The Power is only hereditary to the first-born and it is believed that one group of Nuinn found their way to the Massachusetts Bay Colony and one the families played a key role in the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

In October 2017, the youngest members of the Covenant, known collectively as the "Sons of Ipswich," freed themselves of the Power's damning restrictions by sacrificing the fifth blood brother back to the Nemeton.

Modus Operandi

In the Original Damnation, the to-be Nuinn killed their Druid-victims before the Ash Nemeton in a pentagonal formation, likely utilizing a form of the Threefold Death ritual. Each of the Druids were a member of the Fivefold Virtues

  • Virgins
  • Warriors
  • Healers
  • Philosophers
  • Guardians

but because they were Druids, they were considered to be sufficient to encompass three souls rather than one.


Main article: Nemeton

Nemeton is the word used to describe a Druid Sacred Space.

Unlike their druid counterparts, whose nemeta are always oak trees, the nuinn utilize ash trees.

There is an Ash Nemeton in the woods of the Danvers' original colony home. It was once a large sacred tree but all that remains is a stump and a large roots system.

How it became this way is unknown; whether it has something to do with the Power of the nuinn or even the fact that the fifth bloodline has been banished, disrupting the order, are only theories.

Known Nuinn

  • Caleb Danvers – Leader of Sons of Ipswich
  • Pogue Parry – Member of Sons of Ipswich
  • Reid Garwin – Member of Sons of Ipswich
  • Tyler Simms – Member of Sons of Ipswich
  • Chase Collins – Sacrificed back to Ash Nemeton
  • Linette Parry – Elder of the Covenant
  • Richard Simms – Senior Member of the Covenant
  • Theodore Garwin – Senior Member of the Covenant
  • William Danvers III – Senior Member of the Covenant
  • Hagan Goodwin Pope – Bastard Son of John Putnam/Chase Collins' Ancestor
  • John Putnam – Accuser at the Salem Witch Trials