Octavian Rizzo


(Physical)Age: 18

(Chronological)Age: 2000
Sire Many Unknown
Status Alive
Occupation Tourist
Species (Lord Kanima)
Gender Male
Family members

Rizzo Family

Jason Rizzo( Cousin)

Isabelle Rizzo( Cousin)

Patrick Rizzo(Cousin)
Played by Mitch Hewer
Octavian Rizzo is a powerful Kanima lord and had the ability to run quicker than most of his kind, with the exception of Mikael, and Jason. Octavian currently controls the entire european area. He is also 2nd generation, of the Rizzo Family. Octavian was enslaved by captives, at age 16 and his Kanima, genes were unlocked completely destroying the englishmen. Octavian now is a teacher at Beacon Hills High as a ruse in order to lure out the danger, of the Oni's return of making sure no original werewolf was around.

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