The great Phantasma (Lit, Unknown Translation) are the worlds first supernatural beings and that which all other mythical life extends. The most powerful of all Royal Breeds they are the ancestors of every supernatural creature on the planet.


Born in an unknown time and method the Phantasma came to power before normal life was established and before the world was complete. Considered perfect beings in and of themselves their power grew too big and they threatened to destroy the world before it even began. Considered failures, they were replaces with more mundane beings that would one day grow into power, and hopefully learn to control it.

Sealed away, the Phantasma's power remained in the new world and allowed the mutations of animals and man into supernatural creatures. Any creature with intense enough emotions or strong enough will had the ability to call upon the Phantamsa's lingering power and transform themselves into a new being.


Little is known about the Phantasma, save for the fact that they had access to titanic powers that even the remaining Royal Breeds combined couldn't hope to challenge. Legends speak of the Phantasma leaving markers of their existence, powerful magic sentiments where their power is focused most intensely.

One of these places is thought to be the Nemeton and Beacon Hills itself, where a great Phantasma is rumored to sleep. Perhaps being the source of all the chaos and magic within the unassuming town.