The Platinum Massacre Series is a fanon series created by User:RedKnuckles. It is about the life of a orphaned werewolf arriving in Beacon Hills not knowing that the hunters that killed his family are still after him.


The gang had just survived the battle with a malicious human-snake hybrid and its dangerous master but when a werewolf orphan shows up, they will have to deal with some hunters that share the same ideals of that master. Rashad Brooks has arrived in Beacon Hills after leaving his hometown because of the murder of his family. He had not not seen or interacted with people for the last few weeks while traveling through the woods except for the occasional camper. During his wandering he happened to end up in Beacon Hills where he met the large beta of a certain alpha's pack, who decided to convine his family to take him in.


Character Description Status
No image available Rashad Brooks He is a orphaned werewolf that comes to Beaccon Hills and becomes the adopted little brother of Boyd. Alive
Image not available Kasey Johnson He is a very smart middle schooler that happens to be greatly in mythology. He is also the best friend of Rashad Brooks. Alive
Image not available Platine Family They are a dark family of hunters that believe any super natural creature should be terminated, The Platine have the habit to hunt the whole family until they are all dead. They are also the main antagonist. Active
Image not available Angie Jackson She is a straight A student in school and the love interest of Rashad. Alive

Season 1Edit

So far there is one episode of the Platinum Massacre Series

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