Rashad Brooks
Rashad Poole

Deceased Parents,

Deceased Siblings
Occupation Student
SpeciesBeta Werewolf
StatusAlive: 14
Played byMontress Brooks

Rashad Brooks is a orphaned Beta Werewolf that has arrived in Beacon Hills because of the murder of his family by the hunters known as the Platine Family.


Rashad was a very aggressive teen. Having four siblings he had a lot of responsibility and problems, especially when the kids went into their "I don't want to listen to you" mode as he likes to call it. He has a passion for basketball while playing football as a outlet for his anger. He began to be trained by his family so that he wouldn't lose control on a full moon and kill some of his friends or teammates.

His powers actually started to show up during the 7th grade when he had been unlucky enough to not only get lost in the woods, but also to be attacked by a bear. He began to have a normal life again after he had gained full control over his transformation and was doing great in sports.

It all came to an end when he returned home one day to see his family dead on he floor while being surrounded by people with guns, crossbows, swords, and knives. This caused Rashad lose control and lash out and kill all of the hunters. After ripping the last one to pieces, he discovered that his mother wasn't dead but had lost to much blood to survive with the Wolfsbane injected in her. Her final words to him were to go some where far away to a family of werecoyote now known as the Platine Family.

The young wolf had been wondering for days before he ended up in Beacon Hills, where he happened to meet Boyd; who introduced him to the rest of Derek's path. After the death of Boyd, Rashad decided to stay with the family of the deceased werewolf and to start attending Beacon Hills Middle School so he could continue his education/athletics.


Physical AppearanceEdit