As the full moon rose 6 howl's let out through beacon hill's.A man was walking with a girl about 18 or so." It's been so long what about a year or more right ",He laughed and his eye's glowed red another pair of red eye's came out and 6 pair's of red eye's appeared." True it has been a very long time where's Ryan tonight is the night for him to increase his strength ".

" Good answer right so i know where we placed him come on " ,Ian James smirked and got up looking around nodded his head toward the area where the moon shined on.Ryan layed back on the bed and than he heard a roar and suddenly Ryan's eye flew open showing his red eye' and a growl let out he was in mid-transformation and was super strong. " Well does anyone have a agenda for beacon hill's other than the fact that the previous Alpha had died.

Stephan Martin spoke up " Let's kill the heart of the Argent's there precious little daughter Allison Argent i had Anna get some info on her and she is definetly the heart of the hunter's." " Good plan Stephan and should we begin when after we get prepared set all this in motion.The pack started to transform each into werewolves.The six let out a howl than a roar over powered it from Ryan." Let's begin ",He smiled at the boy they captured.He smiled and and his eye's turned red showing his teeth killing him.

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