The Royal Breed are a set of 8 powerful and old supernatural creatures that have existed in legend and in secret since the advent of creation, and were thought to be the creatures in which all others extended. All supernatural creatures can trace their roots to one or more of the original eight.

While a general ranking exists between the Royal Breeds, various members claim differentiating levels of strength and often clash amongst each other for dominance over the list. However in the eons since their inception, most have fallen in strength compared to other pure blood members.

While few of the Royal Breeds are still pure enough to be considered as strong as their forefathers, occasionally distant members of specific species will be born with royal blood--giving them far superior strength and abilities to other members of their species. These new generation awakenings of royal breed strength are termed differently between races. Royal Vampires are knows as Blonds, while royal Werewolves are known as True Alphas (or demon alphas in certain cases).


Among the eight, two distinct classes exist separating the two most powerful from the remaining six, they are termed Spiritual Brings and Physical Beings. The Spiritual beings, the Phantasma and True Dead exist in incorporeal forms, and are thought to be truly spiritual after breaking free of a physical form. They live only in the hypothetical and don't technically exist, instead maintaining themselves in the minds and physicality of others. The remaining 6 are the Physical beings who occupy a real plane and can be interacted with and touched. It is said that Jasha, strongest of the physical beings, are the closest to breaking free of their physical form and in the next thousand years or so may become Spiritual beings.

Royal Breeds

Rank Name Age (Years) Country
1 Phantasma Unable to measure Earth
2 True Dead Unable to measure Earth
3 Jasha 160,000+ Earth (Ku-Tora Jashin)
4 Giant 130,000+ Earth (Gigatheim)
5 Ziz 110,000+ Earth
7 Faiel 80,000+ Hardel Fall
6 Vampire 11,000+ Earth
8 Werewolf 5,000+ ? (Unknown) Earth