The runners pack are an unusaul pack because instead of being all werewolf, they contain 12 different

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The packs symbol, each member as a zodiac sign tattooed on their body, Jak has the whole circle tattooed on his chest along with the taurus sign on his neck.

species of supernatural beings.

The packs alpha is Jak Runners, he is a natural born werewolf and an alpha.

It's very rare for all 12 pack members to travel together, commonly they break into groups such as Val, Axel, Jak and Blake who live in Beacon hills together.

Pack Members Edit

The pack contains four members.

  • Val Congitatio
  • Axel Havocgan
  • Jak Runners
  • Blake Lale
  • Tara Finer
  • Ace
  • Xaner
  • Luxis Tath
  • Faith Bolin
  • Makayla Jade
  • Salen Kavan
  • Eve Van

Val Congitatio Edit

Val is a demigod, she has telekinesis and healing abilities. Jak added her to the pack when they met in beacon hills.

Axel Havocgan Edit

Axel is a banshee, instead of going to the dead body, he draws the persons face while in a trance. Axel was Jak's best friend has a child and the two started the pack.

Blake Lale Edit

Blake is a hell hound, while he has control of his trances he does not have control of his fire, there have been countless times where he has accidentally lit things and people on fire. Blake joined the pack after Axel found him in a forest, 'burnt to hell'

Jak Runners Edit

Jak is the packs alpha and a born werewolf,he was born an omega even though his father was an alpha and mother was a beta, later it is found out that he is not an omega but instead took the life of an innocent, his twin brother in the womb. Jak rose to alpha status after he took it from his father, whom begged him to on his death bed.

Tara Finer Edit

Tara is were cheetah.

Ace and Xaner Edit

Ace and Xaner are nymps of trickery.

Luxis Tath Edit

Luxis is a druid.

Faith Bolan Edit

Faith is merperson.


Faith Bolan

Makayla Jade Edit


Ace and Xaner

Makayla is a celestal kitsune.
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Makayla Jade

Salan Kavan Edit

Salan is a kamina.


Jak Runners

Eve Van Edit

Eve is a healer.

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Blake Lale


Tara Finer

Val Congitatio


Luxis Tath


Axel Havocgan


Salan Kavan


Eve Van