Danny Māhealani with Sage markings

A Sage is a highly spiritual and powerful human being. An evolved form of a Druid, a Sage has mastered the ability to draw on the natural powers of the Earth to strengthen themselves to impossibly high levels.


Born before Faiel magic seeped into the world, Sages were once men of great wisdom who meditated and learned to call upon the planets energy to empower their enlightenment and attain spiritual freedom. Once abundant in number they lead the world during a highly spiritual and connected age. However after Faiel magic was released onto the planet, Sages of lesser talent began to use magic to empower themselves. This was due to Faiel magic being more easily accepted into the human body, as opposed to natural energy, which was very difficult to control.

Eventually their numbers began to fade, and as humanity drifted away from spirituality, the sages all but disappeared. It is said only those with great spiritual power and the abilities to "Wait and Listen with the World", may awaken as a sage in modern society.


As they are humans by design, Sages rarely differ in appearances to the average man or woman, save for marking that appear over their skin when they draw on Natural energy. The patters that appear over their skin differ from person to person, and may appear as simply as color over the eyes, or waves over the entire body. More intricate marking appear over younger sages, as the marking help the natural energy flow more easily over a spiritually immature body.

Fully realized sages are known to be peaceful, wise, and amongst the most powerful people in all of supernatural society. It is said that even a young sage is more than a match for even alpha level supernatural creatures.

Also, sages of particular talent can share natural energy with other supernatural creatures. Allowing supernatural creatures like werewolves, that are normally unable to wield natural energy, to take on sage like characteristics. Including the appearance of Sage markings, as well as increases in strength, speed, and reflexes.