Sam Sparrow Super Genius
— Mentions: "Call me the snake tamer."

Samuel "Sam" Sparrow is a brilliant and motivated young man who came to Beacon Hills some months after the awakening of the Nemeton. Claiming to be a scientist investigating the Telluric currents running throughout the area, he quickly sets up shop and befriends various members of the Beacon hills community as his work continues.

Eventually Sam stumbles upon the true nature of the town and is kidnapped by the Demon Alpha, Deucalion in order to probe the young man for information. As it turns out Beacon Hills and the Nemeton hold far more secrets than most realized and Deucalion kidnaps the young scientist in hopes of discouraging him from investigating deeper and putting himself in harms way. It is there that Sam is rescued and Deucalion is driven back by Sam's lover, Joshua, who came sensing Sam's distress.

Later he ends up in the company of Melissa McCall while he recovers in the hospital, and after relaying the secrets behind the nemeton to her, the two set off in a stolen car to stop Joshua and Scott before it's too late.


Sam is a tall, gawky, young man of above average height who stands several inches taller than his partner, much to his amusement, with dark curly brown hair and blue eyes. He is often seen in casual clothing and almost always seen with his laptop bag strung over his shoulder.


Humble, but unmistakably intelligent, Sam is well versed in both supernatural lore and proven scientific fact. A young graduate with several degrees, his knowledge in practical sciences is unparalleled and is one of the foremost thinkers within Beacon Hills. And while Sam is familiar in the occult or magical happenings, he often distances himself due to the lack of inherent logic, preferring to defer expertise to Joshua.

Often choosing to tackle problems from a logical stance, he rarely get's involved in conflicts or strenuous matters, giving the illusion that he is rather lazy and apathetic. Though when a matter catches his interest or Joshua requests it of him specially, Sam is quick to rise to the occasion and show off hidden skills or abilities.