Symbol Covenant Sarah Wenham
Sarah Wenham
Born 1989
Status Living
Occupation Harvard Graduate Student
Species Human
Gender Female
Family members Caleb Danvers
Played by Laura Ramsey
AppearancesClaws and Chaos
Cross Country
DISCLAIMER: Sarah Wenham was not created and is not owned by lyo24boi, who owns stories in which this character appears; Sarah Wenham is owned by J. S. Cardone and Lakeshore Entertainment.

The academy-sweetheart to Caleb Danvers, Sarah Wenham is one of the human members of the Covenant. Usually interacting only with her boyfriend, Pogue Parry, and his girlfriend/her best friend, Kate Tunney, Sarah graduated from Spenser Academy and is pursuing her post-academy studies at Harvard University.



Hymn For The CursedEdit

Claws and ChaosEdit

Cross CountryEdit

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