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Symbol Silber Clan Silber Family
Silber Family spread
Founded c. 1564
Headquarters Chicago
Status Active
Known members

The lesser of the three major hunter families, yet arguably the most concentrated, the Silber Family has had a long tradition of battling the most feral werewolves the United States has ever seen. Originally based in Philadelphia, the family has slowly migrated wets and now faces constant turf wars between various enigmatic packs throughout Chicago. While the family is matriarchal like the rest of the families, the Silber Family is more divided concerning its attitude towards operations: the matriarch is more extreme and plays loose with the code while the patriarch is more strict with the code and even ignores it to save those who seem guilty but aren't. Of German descent, their last name translating to "Silver" from German, the Silber Family believes to trace its origins to at least as far back as the German Der Werwolf von Bedburg legend.