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Madison is plunged head-first into the politics of the Campbell family when her deceased father is accused of treason.

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Just as Naomi is about to pronounce judgment on Madison, Stiles and Sarah enters with Kahlest. In a private session, Naomi plans to execute Madison. Jennifer protest to spare her sister's life. Naomi silences her by asking her if she would really put her unborn baby at risk to save Madison's life. Naomi's statement makes it clear that Madison's isn't pregnant, but Jennifer is. Stiles is shocked that Jennifer is pregnant, since she and Madison look like 17-year-olds.


"You admit the truth, and yet you expect her to accept punishment? What does this say of an empire who holds honor so dear?"

"The empire will not be destroyed for one family's honor."
"Unacceptable, Naomi!"
"You have no say in this, human!"
"I speak now as a sheriff. You will not execute this young lady, nor will I turn her sister over to you!"
"We are not at a sheriff's station, Sheriff. If you intervene in this matter, you will be banished from this place forever."
"This whole thing is not based on lies, Miss Stark. Protect your secrets if you must, but you will not sacrifice these young girls." 

- Sheriff Stilinski, and Naomi Stark.

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