The Stellio Clan were a Clan of Kanima under the command of the Original Kanima Mikael Rizzo; it was made up of a number of ranks: the Kanima Acolytes, the Kanima Masters, the Kanima Lords and the Original Kanima.


The Clan was extremely dominate and were shadowed with the Ranks of Kanima, the higher the Kanima Rank the more authority that that Kanima had within the Clan, each Kanima had at least one apprentice or Acolyte Kanima. If their Master were to die, then the most skilled Acolyte (if there had been more than one) would replace their master, inherited the Master's possessions and resources including the other Acolytes.

The Clan worked in a family structure, the Original Kanima was the irreplaceable head of the Clan, should Mikael die than all Kanima ever made would also die.


  • Stellio is the Latin word for Reptile.

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