Stepford Cuckoos The Three Witches in One
— Mentions: "We...are never alone."

The Stepford Cuckoos are a collection of three powerful witches that assist Joshua in his plans to revive the Nemeton. Once the head of the American Witch Council, she was a witch of unparalleled ability, but her strength grew too massive for ever her to contain, so she split herself into three bodies to divide the magic equally, while still retaining one mind among the three. Considered a sin to split such magic, she was cast out of the council by another powerful young which who eventually took her place.

Once split, the Cuckoos were quick to follow the massive magical energy given off by the Nemeton and joined forces with Joshua and his allies to revive the tree and siphon off it's limitless power. Any one of the witches are more than a match for the supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills, but all three together are said to have power surpassings the Greatest of Beasts.

The original witches name is unknown, but her three splits are known as Felisha, Selene and Patagonia respectively.