Ta-Ming Ancient-Giantess
— Mentions: "Has anyone ever Written anything for you?"

Ta-Ming was a famous and powerful Giantess who was once regarded as strongest of her race. Beautiful and noble, she led the fledgling giant race through their waning days and helped them from going completely extinct. A pacifist, like all giants, she sought peace for her race and all races, hoping one day to unite the human and supernatural world once again.

However, her visions of peace were cut short when 60 years ago, the royal Faiel family was nearly wiped out by the infamous Nemeton. A tree of great power which had largely gone over looked by her and many others. Seeing the mighty fairies wiped out convinced her to rally behind the last prince, Renato, to storm Beacon Hills and destroy the tree once and for all.

However, despite being one of the strongest creatures there, she was eventually cut down by the Nemeton and killed in battle, though her sacrifice along with many others eventually led to the tree being cut down. It is said to this day many still honor her memory and brave valor in Giant legend.