Talon Antrobus Great Gigant
— Mentions: "Strong hands hands can't create..."

Talon Antrobus is a young Giant and descendant of the Royal Breed's who lived in Beacon Hills many years before the Nemetons reawakening. Shy, kind and reluctant to accept his new position as a Royal Breed Talon gets roped into the events surrounding the chaotic town when a dangerous Giant, Hou-Kuei, comes to take advantage of his enormous power.



Talon at age 27

Talon is an obscenely tall and broad young man who stands at an impressive 6,9. Coupled with his height, his is incredibly well defined and muscular, mostly due to his giant heritage. Blonde with scraggly facial hair and blue eyes, he is regarded as being very handsome, despite rarely raising his head or straightening his posture to stand as full height.


Polite, shy and hesitant to be around strangers, Talon is a reserved man who rarely chooses to engage with others. His shyness is due to his giant nature, which makes him naturally peaceful and inclined to pacifism. That, coupled with his innate lack of confidence or self esteem, makes him very difficult to communicate with or befriend.

Due to a very strained past, Talon often chooses to keep people at a distance, for fear of what might happen to him if he were to lose another person he loved. However, after meeting Stiles Stilinski, the two begin to form a very unsteady but powerful friendship, which allows Talon to show his first glimpses of self-confidence and strength defending the young human.



Talon defending his friends, despite his usual shyness

Abandoned as a boy, due to his excessive height at 4 years old, Talon's parents found caring for him too difficult and sent him to an orphanage where he grew up feeling guilty over his size. He eventually found companionship in an older boy at the orphanage, Diego Lauzen. The two quickly became close friends and Diego would often help Talon sneak mass quantities of food, as he needed it to grow properly. By the age of 15, Talon was already over 6 feet tall and thin as a branch. Diego, knowing his friend wouldn't survive for long in the orphanage, planned to leave with Talon and find their own way through life, together.


Diego Lauzen, confidant to giants

However, the night they were supposed to leave, Diego suddenly passed away, apparently ravaged by a disease that had plagued him for years without Talon's knowledge. Awoke by the sounds of ambulances and nurses, Talon fled the orphanage alone in grief. Confused, afraid, and racked with more guilt than ever before.

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