The Katie Whittemore series is a series that follows young protagonist, Katie Whittemore as she returns to Beacon Hills after living in London, England for five years and how her life changes after she is caught up in the drama that plagues her home town.

Although the series officially starts in Make Me A Believer when Katie first returns home to Beacon Hills, it has two prequels that show Katie and Jackson's relationships as children.

Plot Edit

Finding an Anchor Edit

Title: Finding An Anchor

Summary: ONESHOT. "You have nothing to fear, but fear itself." Katie Whittemore finds an anchor in her brother as he helps her let go of her fears. Set pre-season 2. Completed.

Ohana Edit

Title: Ohana

Summary: ONESHOT. "Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten." Jackson Whittemore learns the true meaning to family. Set pre-season 2. Completed.

Make Me A Believer Edit

Title: Make Me A Believer

Summary: Through the loss and grief of losing her boyfriend, Katie Whittemore returns home to Beacon Hills where she acquires new friends, new enemies and a new adventure. But what happens when she meet Isaac Lahey? Set during season 2. Completed.

Possessions Edit

Title: Possessions

Summary: The questions: "What is this? What does it mean?" His answer: "It's their symbol. And it means they're coming." Her confusion: "if it means 'they're coming', then why is it carved onto the front of my Bestiary?" Set pre-season 3a. Completed.

Luna Edit

Title: Luna

Summary: With Kaliya still missing, Katie is in need of some company. Set pre-season 3a. Completed.

There's No Place Like Home Edit

Title: There's No Place Like Home

Summary: With three months left of summer vacation, Jackson, Katie and the rest of their friends plan to not waste a second of it. But all plans are put on hold when Katie goes missing, and the pack find themselves racing against time in order to find her. WARNING: DARK THEMES! Set pre-season 3a. Completed.

Natural Born Survivor Edit

Title: Natural Born Survivor

Summary: TWO-SHOT. "They say the damaged become dangerous because they know that they can survive." - Josephine Hart. Set pre-season 3a. Completed.

The Hunt is On Edit

Title: The Hunt is On

Summary: With the alpha pack establishing their territory, the Beacon Hills werewolves find themselves up against another threat in the form of a dark Druid. Blood will be shed, and choices made as Katie is forced to decide on who her heart desires most. Set during season 3a. Completed.

We Might Fall Edit

Title: We Might Fall

Summary: Inspired by Ryan Star's song "We Might Fall". After defeating the Darach, Katie thought life would go back to normal. But what is 'normal' when Beacon Hills is involved? With an escaped convict on the run and a new family arriving in town, Katie will soon learn that there is more to the supernatural world than meets the eye. Set during season 3b. Coming Soon.

Oh, Brother Edit

Title: Oh, Brother

Summary: Katie receives some news that could, quite possibly, change her life. Set pre-season 4. Coming Soon.

Never Say Goodbye Edit

Title: Never Say Goodbye

Summary: ONESHOT. "Never say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting." Set pre-season 4. Coming Soon.

How Could You...? Edit

Title: How Could You...?

Summary: "How could you go and die and leave me here all alone?" she shouted. "Please come back! I need you, please come back!" Set pre-season 4. Coming Soon.

Farewell Isaac Edit

Title: Farewell Isaac

Summary: ONESHOT. "I do still love you. But that doesn't change anything... It's over between us." Katie reflects on her relationship with Isaac as he plans to leave Beacon Hills. Set pre-season 4. Coming Soon.

The Search for Derek Edit

Title: The Search for Derek

Summary: Katie and Scott search Derek's loft for answers to his mysterious disappearance. What they find leads them to Mexico. Set pre-season 4. Coming Soon.

Never Surrender Edit

Title: Never Surrender

Summary: It has been two months since Allison and Jackson died, and Katie is still reeling. Unable to fathom life without her brother or sister she is vulnerable to attacks, especially when an old foe returns to Beacon Hills seeking revenge. Set during season 4. Coming Soon.