The Clark Pack is a pack from Beacon Hills, made up of mostly werewolves but also a harpy. There are currently four people in the pack, all at the age of eighteen. The pack leader is Willow Clark, a born werewolf who gained alpha status from her dad when he died. 

Members Edit

Willow Clark - the alpha of the Clark Pack and elder twin of Ben Clark by five minutes. 

Willow Clark

Ben Clark - the first beta of the pack and younger twin of Willow Clark by five minutes. 
Nathan gamble current-2

Ben Clark

David King - a beta of the pack and best friend of Ben. Bitten by Willow on Ben's request. 

David Cruz

Gina Smith a harpy beta of the pack who was accepted into it after helping the pack escape from a group of hunters. 


Gina Smith

Symbol Edit

The Clark Pack's symbol is the Celtic sign Awen. The symbol means balance and creativity.

Awen, the Clark Pack's symbol.

Trivia Edit

  • StormWolfy is writing a Fanfiction on how Gina became part of the pack. 
  • Even thought they are twins, Willow is the sole Alpha because her dad made her kill him after he got too old to run a pack. 
  • Willow has a great sense of smell while Ben as excellent hearing. 

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