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Symbol Covenant The Covenant
Covenant spread
Founded 1692
Headquarters Ipswich, MA
Status Active
Known members


  • Abigail Garwin (Human)
  • Theodore Garwin (Warlock)
  • William Danvers III (Warlock)
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Founded in 1692 during the Salem witch trials, the Covenant, fully the Covenant of Silence, was established to keep the magic of five families in the original Ipswich colony a secret. As of today, four families remain and the current members of the leading incarnation, the "Sons of Ipswich," live normal lives as students at Harvard University after graduating from Spenser Academy and pursuing their post-academy education. A group with continuing leadership issues and in-fighting, the Sons of Ipswich ultimately learn of a supernatural world beyond their own through one of their fellow students, Lydia Martin and a vicious attack on one of their own.