As The Reptilian Creature Crept Past The Sleeping Crowd, It Let Out A Long And Screech Hiss That Rang Out Alarming The Nearby Hunters. The Large Truck Roared To Life And Sped Through The Camp Site, The Creature Hissed As It Watched The Hunters Quickly Get Out And Opened Fire, The Creature Quickly Moved And Knocked A Hunter Down.

" I SEE HII--M...GET DOWN ", The Hunter Yelled As He Shot The 9mm In His hands.

A Young Man No Older Than 18 Walked Before The Shadows, He wore a black leather jacket with a black tee along with sweats. He wore the face of an arrogant man who had mischievous on his mind.

" Who are You State Your Business ", The Older Hunter spoke out to the young man.

" No Patients For GAMES!!" , The Teens Eyes Glowed a Bluish-White, Black Shadows began circling him.....

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