This character was created by Superjokertv.

Dr. Thomas Clark is a recurring character of the Jackal Series.


Thomas is the Druid Emissary to the Wilson Family and becomes a mentor to Ryan and his friends on all things supernatural.

Jackal Series

Powers and Abilities


As a Druid, Thomas has a range of undefined powers that have yet to fully be revealed. As of yet, he has demonstrated an ability to almost magically break himself out of restraints and somehow forced the transformed Ryan to shift back into his human form. He also has a mastery over Mountain Ash, of which he can make barriers by throwing the ash and willing it into the shape he desires. It is likely that he has additional powers, but he has yet to demonstrate them as of yet.


In addition to the powers afforded to him by being a Druid, Thomas also possesses many human abilities as well, including:

  • Close-Quarters Combat: Thomas has proven himself to be a skilled combatant, who is able to defend himself against human and supernatural threats both with and without weapons.
  • Mythological Knowledge: Due to his Druid training, Thomas has a great deal of knowledge about numerous mythological beings and stories. As an Emissary, he is most knowledgeable about Werejackals, but he has also shown an understanding of other supernatural creatures, such as Werewolves, Werecoyotes, Kitsune and Arachne. However, this knowledge is not absolute, as he needed to gain information from other Bestiaries to learn more about the Dark Warrior, and seemed to lack extensive information about Ghost Riders.
  • Herbological Knowledge: Due to his Druid training, Thomas has an immense knowledge of the use of herbs and plants, both as medicine, in spells and rituals, and as a weapon. He has used Mountain Ash, which is incinerated rowan wood, to great effect.
  • Medicine: Thomas is an expert when it comes to the health and medical treatment of humans and animals, and as a result, this extends to supernatural creatures, especially those who are animal shapeshifters such as Werejackals, Werewolves, Werecoyotes, Kitsune, etc.


As a human, he has all the typical weaknesses of his species, particularly mortality, though, as a Druid, he has the potential to gain powers that can counter human weaknesses. Unfortunately, these powers are typically gained by becoming a Darach, or a Dark Druid who has been corrupted and gone off the path that typical Druids take by committing human sacrifices.