Symbol Alpha Pack Titanas Albion
Alexander Ludwig 9
Born 1995
Sire Inherited
Status Alive
Species Werewolf (Alpha)
Gender Male
Family members

Unnamed Albion Alpha (father)

Deucalion (adopted father/mentor)
Played by Alexander Ludwig
Appearances Dark Horse

Titanas Albion was the son of the unnamed Patriarch of the Familial Albion Pack of Werewolves, his entire family was killed by the Argent family and he was the only living Werewolf left of the Pack or the Albion bloodline capable to inherit the spark of the Alpha, making him an Alpha from a young age.

He was found an adopted by Deucalion, and is acclaimed to be a key member of the Alpha Pack, always aware of Deucalion's actions and going ons even when the other members are not.



Titanas was born of the Albion Family and Pack, specifically to the Pack's Alpha and an unnamed mother, he was a born Shapeshifter and a child of both Werewolf parents ensured his birth as a Werewolf.

He was raised with basic knowledge of Shapeshifters and learned how to control and unite with the Wolf that was part of him, within a very short time he had come to terms with his Werewolf nature and powers, but he would not find peace.

Personality and traits

Titanas was described as a cunning and calculated individual, his strength was often seen as deceptive when in truth he was far smarter than many gave him credit for, Deucalion taught him to think and adapt quickly while on the move. He seems to be able to easily manipulate people, jumping from one plot to the next easily, and get away with it.

He is loyal to Deucalion and has shown willingness to kill Beta Werewolves just because he has been commanded to do so, he is fascinated by what would happen if he gave another species the Bite and has considered doing so, he is very blunt about his strength and states rather plainly whether someone can beat him or not.


  • Titanas is the given name of one of the mythical King Lycaon's sons, and presumably one of the first Werewolves.
    • Titanas is named after the mythical Titans, deities preluding the Olympian Greek Gods, Prometheus was a Titan (in fact, son of one of the 12 ruling Titans) and the Deity that Lycaon and his followers worshipped over the Olympian Gods.
  • Albion is an old Greco-Celtic name for Britain, one which is still used poetically today. It is believed to be derived from the Latin word albus meaning "white" and referring to the famous cliffs of Dover.
    • The last name Albion contrasts the last name Hale, while Albion is Greco-Celtic, Hale is Saxon in origin. It is implied between the contrasting historical antagonism between Celts and Saxons, that Derek and Titanas are to become enemies, and it is stated by Derek that the Hale and Albion families have clashed in the past.