The True Dead are the second oldest and most fearsome of all the Royal Breeds, and the fathers of all undead creatures. Including, but not limited to zombies, ghosts, poltergeists, and even wraiths. The True Dead were said to have called upon Hatred in order to bring themselves into the world.


The True Dead, also known as the First Dead were the first creatures to die after the world was created, making them the oldest supernatural creatures on the planet, and the first creatures to bare a grudge against the living. Their spirits feeling betrayed at the taking of their lives, their feelings of betrayal turned into anger and their anger turned into hatred. Empowered with that hatred, they managed to not only stay in the living world, but found a way to make their malice take physical form. Eons later, their hatred exists in all undead creatures and empowers them to fuel their own ceaseless existence.


Most, if not all of the True Dead, have long since departed from the world of the living; making them exceedingly rare, even as a royal breed. Those still lingering in the living world have lost all ego and purpose and are known simply as death itself. Unable to find rest in their thousands of thousands of years, even they have forgotten their grudges and now despise even the sense of life. Instead making their homes far and away from any living thing. Their appearance is unknown but one can easily assume that looking upon one is looking at the face of death and rot itself.


True Dead are unable to reproduce or extend their numbers, as their nature implies that they were the first to die, and their age is their title. However they can turn living into lesser descendents of the undead menace, like poltergeists and dark spirits.