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This is about the species. For the disease, see Vampirism.

Vampires, also known as Cursed Ones, are a race of supernaturals known for drinking blood.


Vampires typically look pale, with washed-out skin and dull eyes. They have thin, sharp fangs that descend from their upper teeth. Their hearts do not beat. They are corpses animated by the disease.


Vampires rarely have a recognizable personality. The disease leeches all conscious thought, leaving only the instinct to feed. An exception is newly-turned vampires: They maintain their sense of self for a short period of time, until the disease reaches the brain.


  • Enhanced Speed - Vampires are faster than humans and most werewolves.
  • Enhanced Strength - Vampires are stronger than humans, though weaker that werewolves.
  • Heightened Senses - Vampires can hear, see, and smell better than humans and many werewolves. Their sense of smell is their primary way of hunting.
  • Infection - Vampires have the ability to spread the disease to others. If a human survives being bitten by a vampire (which is rare as vampires usually drain the victim), the person will turn into a vampire themselves.
  • Immortality - Vampires are immortal, and do not age.


  • Sunlight - Vampires must stay out of the sun, as sunlight causes them to crumble into dust.
  • Mountain Ash - Like other supernaturals, vampires cannot cross or touch mountain ash.
  • Starvation - Vampires must drink blood. If a vampire is starved to death, it will crumble into dust.
  • Dismemberment - A vampire's ability to heal itself depends on the amount of blood it has consumed.
  • Black Cohosh - The berries of this plant will slow the effects of the disease. This only works when the disease has not fully taken over (as in the case of newly-turned vampires).

Known vampires Edit

  • Count Dracula


  • Full vampires do not have reflections; newly turned-vampires do.
  • Most myths about vampires are incorrect.

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