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This is about the disease. For the species, see Vampire.

Vampirism is the common name for the disease that Turns humans into bloodsucking creatures called vampires.


After Being BittenEdit

  • Fever - The person's body heat increases as their immune system tried to fight the disease.
  • Rapid Heartbeat - The heart rate increases while the person is Turning.
  • Vomiting - The infected person vomits up everything they have eaten as vampires cannot digest anything except blood.
  • Sweating - As their body heat increases the person begins to sweat.

Before the Disease Reaches the BrainEdit

  • Pain - The disease causes pain while it travels through the body.
  • Hallucinations - The new vampire will experience hallucinations while the disease takes over the brain.

After the Disease Reaches the BrainEdit

  • Craving for Blood - The vampire will crave human blood and feed from the nearest source. (Almost always this is the vampire's parents or siblings as they are usually the nearest humans.)
  • Lack of Control - A vampire feeds when it is hungry; it has no conscious and is basically insentient.


Many people receive treatment after being Bitten as their symptoms usually cause concern in the people around them. (These people usually do not survive as the fully-turned vampire will kill them to feed.)


There is no cure for vampirism. However, black cohosh flowers will slow down the progress of the disease, therefore allowing a newly-turned vampire to keep their sense of self. It will also alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

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