Werewolves (Lit.Half Wolf) are the youngest of the true Royal Breed's and the father species of all supernatural were-creatures, including, wolves, dogs, cats and otherwise mammalian creatures. It is said they called upon Hope to bring themselves into the world.


Several different accounts of how werewolves came to be exist, and the mythos spans from nearly every major civilization for almost the last thousand years. Making their inception difficult to track, as well as determine their place of origin. Unlike the Faiel who safe guarded their history though secret, werewolf history is muddled due to their constant emergence in popular society. Making them one of the most well know and frequently recorded supernatural creatures in existence.

What is know about their origins is that they called upon the emotion of Hope to empower their creation from man to beast. The specifics are unknown, but it is said that their emotion was amongst the most powerful which leads werewolves to have the greatest potential for power.

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