"There is a reason why the White Wolves' eyes are different, they're not like a cold steel blue, but a frozen, icy white. The cold, heartless eyes of someone who killed everyone they held dear, for that is the price to pay for ultimate power."
"White Wolves don't howl like Alphas and Betas, they howl when death has come, because all you feel when a White Wolf howls is grief and despair, the only emotions a White Wolf can feel."

White Wolves (Also known as Ice Wolves) are a rare type of werewolf that are typically classified as Omegas. They are said to be rarer than True Alpha due how often they appear but also due to the large price to pay to gain this status. The price to pay to gain this status is to kill all those the person holds dear but also sacrifice an aspect of themselves that represents their humanity, more often than not, their emotions. However, most often than, people are unable to give up their humanity which is why it's rare to find a White Wolf. Some physical differences that White Wolves have are white eyes instead of yellow, blue or red, a frozen layer over their claws and the ability to produce a cold mist from their palms. Another difference is that no matter the circumstances, a White Wolf can never become an Alpha, even if they join a pack.

It is possible for a White Wolf to regain their humanity, however, its very difficult to do, and doing so will cause the White Wolf to suffer from Marie Antoinette Syndrome, causing their hair to turn white immediately. White Wolves have a fearful reputation due to their rarity but also due to the fact that White Wolves killed their loved ones in order to gain the power.

Unique Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Cryomancy - A White Wolf has the ability manipulate and produce ice to certain extent, such as, casting a layer of frost over an object or freezing a victim to death.
  • Ice Darts - Ice Wolves have the ability to shoot five needle-sharp ice darts their nails at a time. While this ability is most commonly used to injure someone during combat, with enough precision and training, a White Wolf can strike a victim's vital point which can kill the target.
  • Hypnosis - A White Wolf has the ability of weakened hypnosis, by having the target stare in their eyes, the White Wolf can make that target do whatever they want for a very brief period of time.

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