Whitebeam Hymn For The Cursed Myth
Appearances: Bloodlust

Whitebeam, commonly refers to the Sorbus aria, a small to medium-sized deciduous tree common in Great Britain.

The tree, related to the Rowan tree, is a cousin of sorts to Mountain Ash.

Mythical PropertiesEdit

Within the mythology of Hymn For The Cursed, Whitebeam is only ever seen used by Werewolves. It blocks and exhibits control over humans and other natural/unnatural objects or beings, including bullets. While a common plant, its abilities are know to few, and its secrets to unlocking those abilities are known to even fewer.


In the sixth chapter of Bloodlust, Alan Deaton teaches Isaac Lahey how to use Whitebeam in a similar fashion Mountain Ash is used. Isaac, later in the chapter, goes on to create a shield for himself and his friends when they meet with the hunter leadership in the Abandoned Distillery.

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