" I was cursed by my father, I was stuck in a werewolves body for ages....A True Alpha brought me back to reality " - William to Corey Bryant

William Amsel




Progenitor of Werewolves


17 (physically)

   +4000 (chronologically)

Hair Color:


Eye Color:

Dark Blue

Skin Color:



Alchemist Amsel( Genetic Father)

Love Interests:



Alive, Immortal


Many Alphas

William Amsel is the First Werewolf and therefore one of the two bearers of the Original Immortal Genes, William created the first werewolf and since then werewolves have continued to exist for centuries and centuries but in a more humanoid form, all werewolves are insane on a full moon as always.

William could only be turned into a human by the call of a kind-hearted and brave, werewolf. William was near Beacon Hills, and before; Scott's desperate call for Derek. William shifted back into a human, on the night of a full moon.



William Amsel was the test subject of his father, and a fellow, alchemist. William was a kind person and very arrogant. William Amsel, turned into a werewolf eternally, and could only be awoken by a powerful werewolf or a strong-willed werewolf.

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