This pack was created by Superjokertv.

Wilson Pack is a centuries-old werejackal pack that had been led by two of different Alphas Richard Wilson and Ryan Wilson. The earliest known Alpha of the Wilson Pack was Richard Wilson, who led the pack during the late 20th and early 21st century until October 2015, when he and the majority of his family and pack were killed by The Dark Warrior. Afterward, the status of Alpha fell to Richard's eldest son Ryan, though whether he naturally inherited the Alpha spark upon Richard's death or gained the power through other means remains unknown.

However, the only survivors were Ryan, his younger brother Jonathan, Richard's niece Maxxie. The pack are currently living in Chicago, Illinoi that is led by the Alpha werejackal Ryan Wilson. The pack is unique in the supernatural community, because it is not only made up of Werejackals but it also has an Arachne, a Werewolf and a Human. Additionally, the pack has a great network of allies of all different species to help them when they need it, including Hunters, Mercenaries, Werewolves, Kitsune, Hellhounds and Humans. The Wilson Pack Emissary is Thomas Clark.

Since the pack's formation, its members have dedicated their lives to keeping Chicago safe from both supernatural and human threats. However, despite most of them being supernatural, they are really just regular people who are struggling with their everyday lives. A common issue they have is balancing their human and supernatural responsibilities, but they always overcome these problems in the end.

Over the course of the pack's existence, the pack has changed considerably as members have joined and left for various reasons, but its ever-changing roster has not deterred them from their ultimate mission of protecting each other and their town, because they are dedicated to dealing with any threat to their loved ones or the innocent civilians of Chicago no matter what the circumstances.

Members of Richard's PackEdit


Members of Ryan's PackEdit


Former MembersEdit

Pack AlliesEdit

Allies of Richard's PackEdit

  • Hale Pack (Talia's Reign)

Allies of Ryan's PackEdit

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