Wyatt Anderson
Family Unknown (parents)
Occupation Apocalyptic Pack
StatusAlive; 17


Was forced by another darach, to attribute to the ancient ritual the Threefold Death .

Pre-Season OneEdit

Season OneEdit


Innocent, but guilty. 


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Minor Weather Manipulation: he can affect the weather, he can; cause storms, use wind as telekinesis, summon fog, etc.
  • Healing: heal any living thing with a touch, he can also heal memory erasure by healing the scars formed on the brain. 
  • Enhanced Speed: faster than most humans.
  • Enhanced Strength: stronger than most humans.
  • Bilocation: able to appear as if he's in two places as once.
  • Glamour/Shapeshift: he can conceal his true form.

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