A swooping Ziz.

Ziz (lit.Mouth) is the eldest of all Avialae and the mother of all mythical birds as well as being one of the mighty Royal Breeds. It is the common ancestor of the harpy, griffin and even the great Phoenix. The Ziz were said to have called upon Joy to bring themselves into the world.


The Ziz were said to have been created eons ago, born out of a selfish desire of a single bird to fly higher than any others and experience the true joy of being the ruler of the skies. Their desire eventually brought to frutition, they became one of the first true terrors of the Supernatural world and reined for centuries until the world was no longer able to support such powerful lifeforms.

However, with the rise of the human race as a dominate species the Ziz were fiercely hunted for food, treasure, and glory. Eventually they were almost wiped out until they learned to shape shift and blend into humanity over thousands of years. To this day Ziz are exceedingly rare not for their lack of numbers, but for the fact that Ziz have long since forgotten that they are Royal Breeds after so long of assimilation with humans.



A rare sight of a full formed Ziz

The original Ziz were known to have been exceedingly prideful and jovial creatures, who took great pleasure in their airborne supremacy over land based creatures. Their love for the sky is what brought them into existence, and even the Ziz who have long since lost themselves are still inexorably drawn to the sky. Wrathful and fierce, they are arguably some of the most aggressive supernatural creatures on the planet. Even going so far as to hunt Giants for sport.

While the appearance of the Ziz are largely unknown they were thought to be titanic birds who rivaled even Giants in height. One such account describes them as, "Their ankles did not wet while standing in the deepest sea, and the highest clouds scraped their crest when they stood tall." They were known to have gigantic wings that blotted out the sun on all sides of the world when they flew, and their shadow cast in flight was said to be the first night.